Reflecting Structure and Design

The glass house is tucked between many heritage Redwoods in beautiful Menlo Park. The architect was purposeful in capturing as much natural light as possible by adding a skylight spine into the main axis of the structure. In addition to lighting, the home was designed to highlight an extensive art collection and re-designed during construction to accommodate new pieces. An engineering feat, the superstructure of the home sits outboard of the floor-to-ceiling glass panels, and in some cases the glass panels are structural sheer walls.

Architect: John Thodos
Interior Design: Elizabeth Hill
Landscape: William Peters
Photography: Matthew Millman


The exterior is wrapped in warm vertical clear cedar siding and Ferrari red window and door frames are structurally anchored into the exposed basement wall, eliminating the need to have headers and structural support from any other direction. Glass block was used throughout the design, driven by the clients’ love for the aesthetic; and the entire home is fully ADA and wheelchair compliant. M|M was responsible for the glass submittal and working with the city to meet all structural requirements.