Buffalo Valley

Front of the house in the evening

New Construction, Old World Charm

The Buffalo Valley Estate is located on a remote site in the Santa Cruz mountains. This Mediterranean style residence features many antique building materials imported from France: hand formed clay tile roof, old world stucco, custom wood windows and doors, reclaimed timber porches and terra cotta flooring. This Mediterranean Style residence features many antique building materials creating a curated artistic experience, expressed throughout the estate. This project is a stunning example of new state of the art construction masterfully integrated into old-world materials, creating timeless charm


Architect: Fergus Garber Young
Interior Design: Michel Biehn, Jan Wasson
Landscape Architect: Joni L. Janecki & Associates
Photography: Bernardo Grijalva
Decorative Painting: Katherine Jacobus


The home encloses a central courtyard overlooking the coastal mountains and Pacific Ocean and is beautifully landscaped and paved with Porphyry stones. The roof is clad with hand formed clay tiles, windows and doors are connected by old world stucco and reclaimed timber porches.

M|M coordinated efforts with the Department of Fish and Wildlife during the duration of construction to ensure endangered frogs were relocated to a temporary habitat and safely returned after the completion of the work.

  • New construction
  • 40-acre property
  • 4,000 sq. ft. residence
  • 1,600 sq. ft. caretaker cottage
  • Pool house
  • Pool
  • Tennis court