We are proud team collaborators, honored to have our work published.


Hillsborough, CA

This unique project, published in Luxe Magazine was a historical renovation and addition to a beautiful residence overlooking the bay. The original home was designed by Architect Willis Polk and the gardens, designed by Landscape Architect Thomas Church. Originally built in 1931 the structure was in need of serious repairs. We renovated each piece of this home, including removing the entire terra cotta roof one piece at a time, labeling all of the pieces, installing a new underlayment and re-installing each tile. It was a labor of love for superintendent Doug Marrone and the results are stunning. Please view the Luxe Magazine feature. 


Woodside, CA

This residence, published in Silicon Valley Magazine, demanded rigorous site-work and saving endangered species. We excavated and moved over 14,000 cubic yards of earth, retained all of the soil onsite to re-shape the meadow and built a new road to access the home. We under-grounded four power poles, relocated a main water line servicing the neighborhood, saved the Dusky Footed Wood Rat and ecologically important snakes. Marrone & Marrone wrote the traffic control plan for the town of Woodside, and coordinated the state mandated Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) on a building site that was filtering the entire mountainside. The result is that you see none of this work, simply the residence, seen by the owners as a piece of art fitting into the landscape seamlessly. Please view the Silicon Valley Magazine feature.